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GID: 2_11
Designation: London (1653)
Description: English edition with comments by Brouncker

GID: 1_99
Year: 1653
Description: When Descartes's Compendium musicae was published in an English translation in 1653, the diagrams were printed in a badly distorted form. The editor or printer represented not Descartes's logarithmic scale of pitches but the positions of frets on a musical string, with the whole circle corresponding to the difference between the open string and the octave fret half way along the string.

GID: 1_100
Year: 1653
Description: 1653_descartes_compendium_en_032_diatonicCircle_1.jpg

GID: 1_101
Year: 1653
Description: 1653_descartes_compendium_en_032_diatoniccircle_2.jpg

GID: 1_102
Year: 1653
Description: 1653_descartes_compendium_en_035_hexachords.jpg