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GID: 2_17
Designation: Newton's treatment of the tuning problem
Description: The picture in a manuscript by Newton shows that he was familiar with the circular diagrams by Descartes.

GID: 1_107
Year: 1664
Description: During 1664-1665 Newton prepared an essay on music and made a series of related calculations. As part of his notes we find this diagram, clearly modeled on those of Descartes (compare image 95). Descartes shows not three but five different scales simultaneously.

GID: 1_95
Year: 1650
Description: The final circular diagram of musical pitch from Descartes' Compendium musicae. Here three different musical scales are shown together, and the diagram enables us to understand how they differ. Their starting notes are F, C and G; they use slightly different selections of pitches, but the use of just intonation also means that their versions of certain pitches - such as D - differ from one another by a 'schism' (syntonic comma).

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--> 1_85 / Desig: 1628_beeckman_171v-172r_HexachordsCircle_detail.jpg
--> 2_19 / Desig: A.B. Philomus
--> 2_3 / Desig: Descartes: Pitch Circle of Hexachords

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--> 2_3 / Desig: Descartes: Pitch Circle of Hexachords

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