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GID: 2_7
Designation: Descartes: Circular Diatonic Scale 2
Description: The scale has both b quadratum (engl. b) and b rotundum (engl. b-flat). There is no mobile tone.

GID: 1_84
Year: 1628
Description: 1628_beeckman 170v-171r_diatoniccircles_detail_b.jpg

GID: 1_155
Year: 1635
Description: 1635_descartes_compendium_musicae__leiden_ms_copy__diatonic_scale_2.jpg

GID: 1_160
Year: 1640
Description: 1640_descartes_compendium_musicae__groningen_ms_copy__diatonic_scale_2.jpg

GID: 1_94
Year: 1650
Description: Another image similar to no. 93, from Descartes's Compendium musicae. This time the notes of the scale are labelled with musical pitch names, from F upwards. In this different form of the scale from image 93 the 'schism' is put in a different place. The sizes of some intervals are strikingly inaccurate, despite the evident intention to make their angles correspond to their logarithmic sizes.

GID: 1_101
Year: 1653
Description: 1653_descartes_compendium_en_032_diatoniccircle_2.jpg

GID: 1_111
Year: 1668
Description: 1668_descartes_buzon_2012_100_B.jpg